Construction Staking


Construction and Subdivision Staking

Saddleback Surveys has provided numerous land development services across Central and Southern California. Our crews are trained regularly to follow safety regulations provided by Cal/OSHA State of California Construction Safety Orders. Rest assured that documentation will always be provided to clarify the work that was performed as well as open communication between our Party Chiefs and those involved in the project.
Our past projects include:

    • Orchard Hills, Irvine CA – 912 Acres
    • Cypress Village, Irvine CA – 480 Acres
    • Stonegate, Irvine CA – 418 Acres
    • Woodbury, Irvine CA – 240 Acres
    • Summerly, Lake Elsinore CA – 700 Acres

The following is a brief listing of what Saddleback Surveys provides:

  • Control networks
  • Mass and Fine Grading
  • Slope Staking
  • Utilities
  • Certifications

Tower and Access Road Staking

  • Substation and Transmission Routes
  • Wire Sag Documentation
  • Easement Locations
  • Tower Inventory
  • Corridor Mapping