LiDAR & Scanning / Mobile Mapping


  • Road and Railway Conditions
  • Utility and Pole/Tower As-Built Verification
  • Autonomous Vehicle Base Maps
  • Asset Management (Time and Coordinate Tagged Inventory)
  • Geo-referenced 360 Imagery for Quick Distance Measurements (KML for Locating Imagery of Desired Area)
  • Disaster Response Assessment Surveys
  • 3D Point Clouds


Time and Cost Saving Benefits

Providing you with the clarity and accuracy you require to make important project decisions while saving you time and money. Repeat-ability of data can impact legal requirements, our LiDAR system will provide you with the ability to resurvey an area to identify inconsistencies in dimensions of objects and terrain, useful for legal issues involving easements and lot lines.

  • Collect 1.6M points/second Traveling Up to Highway Speeds
  • Safe and Non-intrusive Scanning Alternative
  • Asset Documentation

Falcon Power Transmission

Newport Blvd Design Survey

Rural Power Distribution

Snoopy A-Series Mobile Mapping Specifications

  • L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS (or Beidou)
  • Velodyne HDL-32E (LiDAR+IMU)
  • Integrated Faro 3D X 330
  • Ladybug 5 360 Camera

Velodyne HDL-32E

  • 700,000 points/second
  • 32 Individual Lasers (Laser Class 1)
  • 40 Degree Vertical FOV
  • 360 Degree Horizontal FOV
  • 100 m Range

Integrated Faro 3D X 330

  • 976,000 points/second
  • Laser Class 1
  • 330m Range
  • Integrated with IMU and GPS Reciever

Ladybug 5 – 360 Camera

  • 30 Megapixel
  • 2048 x 2448 Resolution
  • True 12-bit Raw Uncompressed Images (Six Sony CCD Sensors)
  • 10 Frames per Second (FPS) JPEG Compressed; 5 FPS Uncompressed
  • Geo-referenced 360 Images (Allows for Distance Measuring Between Pixels)
  • Images Displayed in KML Data (Google Earth/Map)